Do You Want To Sell Sugar Water or Change The World?

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Steve Jobs was always connected with great work

Steve Jobs was always connected with great work. He had little tolerance for people who did not strive for excellence. I have been reading and enjoying Ken Segall’s new book, “Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity.” Ken, worked for Steve and Apple. In the book he gives two accounts of the mind of Steve Jobs at work. “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” This is what Steve Jobs asked Pepsi executive John Sculley to lure him to Apple. On another … Read More

My Groundbreaking Tweets Last Week


My groundbreaking tweets last week

How leaders will get disrupted: Today’s leaders must listen, communicate, facilitate others a platform, empower, collaborate,  allow the free expression of ideas and allow his team to run with them, create teamwork, connect and network and spot potential leaders and pour himself into them. It’s no longer his way or the highway.  It’s not longer about being in ultimate control. People will walk away from these kind of leaders.  This is the unspoken need in people’s heart to those who lead them. Very few people are self-encouragers, encourage and look out for your clients. Be there for them “Any intelligent fool … Read More

The World Twenty Years From Now

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The World Twenty Years From Now

There is no easier time to learn than right now. One great way is  by going to twitter search, placing the # and the item you want. Linkedin Pulse gives you information on groundbreaking stories. Also Linkedin just came out with a site that offers you a host of courses.  Slideshare can give to you the next great idea. How do I see the world twenty years from now? I see an interconnectivity of people and their devices in a way that we cannot imagine. Everything that can be disrupted, will. No industry will be safe. Therefore, become the next … Read More

The Chief Uncomplicator in Charge



  Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity by Ken Segall, is a new book that I am reading. These are some of take aways. If you note, products are becoming simplified. We are heading towards a minimized, integrated, connected, and simplified world. With  tons of products, and  an overabundance of information to distract us, simplification serves as one type of protection. Where good products abound, developing the next great product is not as important as developing the next great idea to utilize the products we already have. Some of the best ideas will be to those who teach others … Read More

Maslow’s Hirerachy of Needs and Leadership, Gone Social


Maslow Hirearchy of Needs

The list below is psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. 1. Physiological: Bodily comforts such as satisfying hunger and thirst. 2. Safety and security: Being protected from danger. 3. Belongingness, Tribalism and Love Needs: Being affiliated with others. 4. Esteem: Achieving, gaining approval, and becoming competent at something. 5. Self-Actualization: Self-fulfillment and reaching your potential. 6. Self-Transcendence: Going beyond your ego and outside yourself to help others achieve fulfillment and become self-actualized. It seems that humanity is stuck at fulfilling need number three and using that need to climb up to, and fulfil need four. The social revolution is … Read More

To Simplify, Talk To Yourself Out Loud!


How To Minimize and Simplify

To Simplify, Talk To Yourself Out Loud! Ask yourself a  question out loud and you will see an answer pop into your mind. I am seeing that the world is on a course to minimize and simplify which will only increase. Any industry which does not minimize and simplify, will be left in the dust by those who do. To be complicated is easy, but to simplify is difficult. IOS 10 on Apple phones allows you to control the functions of your home from your phone. Simplifying and minimizing. My goal is to simplify a church meeting in a minimized … Read More

The Law of the Expert and the ROI


The Law of the Expert and the ROI.

The Law of the Expert and the ROI. I am reading a national bestseller book titled, “Thinking Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman. In the book, the author highlights several arguments which are dear to my heart. He states that “as a skill in doing a task increases the demand for our energy diminishes. The pattern of activity associated with an action changes as skill increases with fewer brain regions involved. Highly intelligent individuals need less effort to solve the same problems.” I have branded what the author says as “The law of the expert.” This is a convincing argument … Read More

The Lion’s Heart


The Lion's Heart

During my morning devotions, puzzled, I asked Jesus why I continue to struggle with the oppression of the devil in areas which I have spent years asking to be set free. I then had a vision of the center of my heart compressed. Not sure what it meant I erased it from my mind Tonight as I was reading an excellent book, The Last Lion, about the life of Winston Churchill, Sir Winston vigorously exclaimed that Britain had the heart of a lion, and that he was simply the roar. Re 5:5  But one of the elders said to me, … Read More