My Groundbreaking Tweets Last Week


My groundbreaking tweets last week
  1. How leaders will get disrupted: Today’s leaders must listen, communicate, facilitate others a platform, empower, collaborate,  allow the free expression of ideas and allow his team to run with them, create teamwork, connect and network and spot potential leaders and pour himself into them. It’s no longer his way or the highway.  It’s not longer about being in ultimate control. People will walk away from these kind of leaders.  This is the unspoken need in people’s heart to those who lead them.
  2. Very few people are self-encouragers, encourage and look out for your clients. Be there for them
  3. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein
  4. If you are a networker, take every opportunity to reach out and create impact.
  5. All good #content leads to an observable behavior change.  Peter Winick
  6. “Quit looking at what you don’t have and take what you do have and multiply it.” #possibilitythinkers Sarah Vaughn
  7. You cannot manage by results. You must instead manage the activities that achieve objectives which in turn create the results. Jason Jordan
  8. #Elegance is not the abundance of #simplicity. It is the absence of complexity. Viex
  9. Very few people are self-encouragers, encourage and look out for your clients. Be there for them #leadership
  10. Cut out the fluff and get to the point. #productivity #leadership
  11. The future of teaching.What 3 points can I present in 20 minutes relevant to my hearers that will launch them to the next level?#leadership
  12. Walking fast creates a young mindset and keeps you young. #exercise
  13. In #transition be sure that you don’t burn your bridges so that you can consult those whom you left.
  14. With impersonal communication through texting and messaging, teaching excellent communication is at a premium #communication
  15. “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” – John C. Maxwell
  16. Abundant information and great products has placed everyone from greatest to least on the same playing field. #democratized
  17. Teach others what your want to be taught about #teacher #consulting
  18. Provide one ground breaking idea to your clients per day #idea
  19. Work harder on yourself that you do on your job. #JImRohn #MLM #networkmarketing #directsales
  20. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates #hendrixcoaching #change
  21. The days of the ambitious isolationists is over. It’s the day of the collaborative teams. #leadership
  22. Don’t fall in love with your self-reflection. Become faceless and nameless and give a platform to those whom you lead. #LeadershipSkills
  23. Celebrate what you want to see more of.- Tom Peters #quote
  24. Executives should never be too important @ksegall #leadership
  25. An organization is only as strong as its leadership. Many make mistakes in not developing their leadership #leadership
  26. What a disservice to the world to play small with our talent. Really unfair of us to those who would benefit by it! @RobinSharma #leadership
  27. Do to perfection JUST ONE THING that you can provide to a world which desperately needs and does not have. Success is sure. #leadership
  28. If simplifying leads us to reacting instead of evaluative thinking we have defeated the purpose of simplifying #simple
  29. Be a relentless student of your business. Read, write, create, whatever, but become a Picasso in it. #leadership
  30. The social revolution has made the world into one huge white canvas where you can paint anything and it will be received, so paint. #create
  31. Be fiercely independent to the destiny which God has for you. Be lovingly interdependent with man. Finally, be fiercely dependent upon God
  32. The good leader knows what his client needs and really wants before the client does. #leadership #MarketingStrategy
  33. The day of the ego personalities is gone.It’s about giving the other a platform, collaboration,empowering,and taking the back seat. #leaders
  34. Don’t have meetings unless they are really necessary #conference #leadership
  35. Today’s leadership is not about ambitious isolation but interdependent collaboration for the good of humanity. #LeadershipDevelopment
  36. Legacy only comes when you impact humanity. #Legacy
  37. “The ROI (Return on Investment) on simplifying is astonishingly high” ken segall #LeadershipDevelopment
  38. Any industry which does not minimize and simplify will be left in the dust by those who do.#trends
  39. With all the technology and options available, world-class excellence is a requirement. #excellence
  40. Hunches and flashes of insights that sense that something is true have been behind countless breakthroughs. #superforecasting
  41. You go from consumer to creator. You go from accumulating knowledge to using it to create something that will impact humanity. #leadership
  42. Following up with people must become an all important skill. #productivity
  43. Constant empowerment of employees is very important to me.#empowerment
  44. Collaboration and connections are everything in a social world. Ambitious isolation is becoming extinct. #productivity
  45. Peel away the layers of the onion to get at something pure and simple Steve Jobs. #productivity
  46. I love the idea of leader driven collaboration rather than one man ego shows. @ksegall #productivity
  47. People only remember the one or two last things that you said, so make your points few, but super important. #leadership
  48. I don’t have time to teach what is unimportant. #leadership
  49. These are the six basics for success in any twenty-first century organization.
  50. From Mentoring Minds
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Think Critically
  • Embrace Culture
  • Utilize Connectivity
  • Develop Creativity

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